Putting Challenge Ultimate Edition Indoor Putting Green Review

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The Putting Challenge Ultimate Edition indoor putting green is the finest device for the ardent golf lover. It features over 70 different contours that change electronically at just the touch of a button. This is the one feature that makes this tool so true-to-life. Just easily set it up in your living room, office or deck and enjoy refreshing times alone or with some friends. It offers the perfect opportunity for practicing your putt away from the real golf course.

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Putting Challenge Indoor Putting Green Features

The surface of this Putting Challenge golf putting practice device mimics the real golf course and you only notice that you are in your home or office when you look up. This way you get the real feel of the golf course and you concentrate of getting your putting skills up to scratch. This is also changeable such that you can play on up to 72 different courses or ranges. This is one of the most exciting features that this machine offers.

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This Putting Challenge Ultimate Edition indoor putting green is electronically run so it is able to store data for up to 4 players on 18 holes, thanks to an electronic sensor. You get to keep score of up to 3 putts for each player and at the end you tally these up to get the winner of that round. The electronic device also cheers when you score a hole in one for extra motivation very much like in a real golf course. You also get to know who is up next when the machine announces the next player. This is after you have pre-programmed the sequence prior to starting to play.

It is so easy to use this machine since all the data is stored and you just refer to the tallied scores to know the statistics of the game in play. This gives you a relaxed putting session using the Putting Challenge Ultimate Edition. Since all the scores and data are stored electronically there is a sense of accuracy and precision. You cannot go wrong with this machine. It gives you an opportunity to bond with your golfing buddies away from the course as you practice your skills. You also get to compete and test your skills against each other.

Putting Challenge Ultimate Edition Review

Reviewers love the Putting Challenge Ultimate Edition indoor putting green. It is so far the best and the most real putting machine in the market. The ease of setting it up is one of the greatest advantages. The electronic storage device is an amazing feature that keeps this new tool practically flying off the shelves. The sensor keeps track of the scores so you are always up to date on how you are faring. Another plus for this machine is that more than one player can use it at the same time. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

This Putting Challenge indoor putting green is fairly new in the market and there seems to be a shortage of reviews from customers especially on Amazon.com. One of the most recurring negative reviews is the pricing for the product. The price is however, very fair considering the amazing features that come with this machine. Click here to check it out.

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