P3ProSwing Pro XC Golf Simulator Review

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The P3Proswing Pro XC golf simulator is one of the most innovating and breath taking simulation games there are to offer in the current simulation based application market. This particular simulator in effect uses three dimensional graphical stereotypes that enable a potential golfer to have a particularly vivid virtual experience.

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The effects in the simulations rightly matched with the fundamentals of the game if being played on the real course and as such the experience and practice of this type of golfing can accredit and help a professional golfer achieve success and skill both at his own pace and within the comfort zone of his residence.

P3ProSwing Pro XC Golf Simulator Features

The P3Proswing Pro XC golf simulator is the ultimate and utmost golfing suite for any type of a golfer you may be. Whether you are a professional golfer or a retired personal trying to spend some quality afternoon time on the golf course, the P3Proswing Pro XC is the best and most innovative golf simulator available in the market today.

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The P3Proswing Pro XC suite comes particularly equipped with the grass stimulating hitting space and it looks more up to life with the essential grass root mats available to establish a golfing stance. This mat is made from synthetic nylon and as such gives a very good and reliable feel about the usage of this P3Proswing Pro XC golfing simulation.

As the grass mat is made from nylon the material is very durable and can resist up to a very large amount of repeated strikes while there is also a little more cushion to those specific players that are not used to hitting a sweet shot every time around and as such there is a little extra room to play with under the ball for such attempts. Even though the P3Proswing Pro XC golf uses a standalone nylon mat for the playing or shooting surface the stride into the shot every short gives a very realistic virtual playing feel to anyone using the P3Proswing Pro XC suite.

P3ProSwing Pro XC Golf Simulator Review

Other specific advantages of this golfing simulation is the fact that it can effectively be used by both left handers and right handers and there is specific cut out mats of each playing style offered. The stimulation hardware is also easy to store as it can practically be folded and kept in any place compact and safe. The simulation software has USB connectivity to the PC that is being used for the game and hence it offers many varying features that are competent and realistic in nature.

The cons of the device are very hard to find as all users who have practically used the P3Proswing are all happy customers and even though balance of the tide I might say that it may be slightly expensive in nature for a person of modest financial background. Even golf is an expensive game playing with such highly priced gear usually kills the fun out of it but regardless of such issues the P3Proswing Pro XC golf simulator is one of the most defying golf simulation product ever introduced. Click here to check it out.

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AARON M. March 22nd, 2012 (#)

If you enjoy golfing and you live in a cold winter area…this is a great product to have! I golfed on a real course for the first time this year from using P3proswing XC all winter and my scores have gotten much better. I noticed immediate improvements in my swing and tempo. It helps with swing patterns and gives feed back that you can get when you on the real course. The way I look at it I would rather pay a bit more for quality and durability rather buying a simulator that is less expensive and with less accuracy. I give this product two thumbs up!

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