P3ProSwing Pro X Golf Simulator Review

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The P3ProSwing Pro X Golf Simulator is a state-of-the-art golf swing analyzer designed to be easily setup and taken down. It features two specially designed pads (one for righties and one for lefties) to ensure that a proper stance can be achieved for the most accurate measurements. An USB cable is attached to the sensors inside the specially designed pads and it connects to your PC where the software is loaded on. Along with the pads you get a catch net so you don’t have to worry about chasing down any stray golf balls in between shots.

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P3ProSwing has designed a great new state-of-the-art golf swing analyzer that is compact enough to be used anywhere you have some room and can hookup a computer. The software is loaded onto the computer and it receives the data from the sensors located in the Versa Mat.

P3ProSwing Pro X Golf Simulator Features

  • Golf Swing Analyzer
  • Premium Course Collection
  • 1 – 18 Real World Courses
  • P3ProSwing Golf Catch Net
  • P3ProSwing Versa Mat

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The two specially designed 3PProSwing Versa Mat (one for lefties and one for righties) are made from high quality foam and is topped with durable realistic looking grass surface to provide a stable base in which to accurately analyze your golf swing. Inside each of the mats a many sensors that record all of the useful information and transmits over to your computer through the USB cable attached to each of the Versa Mats.

The P3ProSwing Pro X package also includes an easily folded P3ProSwing Catch Net, which is provided to stop the golf balls from ending up all over the place as your hitting the ball. The catch net is designed to keep you from having to chase down stray golf balls in between each shot. When you finished with a session you can simply fold the catch net and store it until the next session.

The software that comes with the system analyzes all of the data that is collected from the golf mat as you go through a series of swings that include actually striking the ball and following through. The mats are engineered to ensure that put you in the proper stance as if you were on the course and swinging away.

P3ProSwing Pro X Golf Simulator Review

During our research of the P3ProSwing Pro X Golf Simulator we were only able to find a couple of consumer reviews posted online for this product. From the two reviewers it received two 5.0 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. The two reviews included almost all positive comments, but there was only one negative one mentioned. One of the reviewers was extremely happy with this product, they received as a gift and has spent countless hours using it. They mentioned that the catch net was made of very strong netting and has held up even after countless hours of use. The other reviewer thought that the software was extremely easy to use and very accurate. Click here to read these reviews.

The only comment that we considered negative was one that mentioned that they thought that it was rather expensive and wished that it was less costly.

After our research was concluded on the P3ProSwing Pro X  we made the decision that this product was definitely worthy of our recommendation. Click here to check it out.

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