Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator Review

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The Dancin Dogg OptiShot infrared golf simulator is for those who are keen on learning Golf but do not have time to invest time going to the golf court and learning it. This is the best way to tune the skills for those who want to practice and keep one fit and efficient for those who are experts in golf. All this at the comfort of your home!

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Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator Features

  • Easy three step setup
  • Library of world class golf courses
  • Software upgrades with new courses
  • Supports left or right-handed players
  • Standard or metric measurements
  • Face angle, Club head speed, Swing path
  • 180 day manufacturers warranty

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The Dancin Dogg golf simulator is a very compact model weighing just 1.3 pounds, and can be set up anywhere. It gives accurate swing analysis instantly, three dimensional visualization effect of golf field. All that is required to use this is a spacious room, a computer, a golf club, and you can learn, practice or show your expertise in golf. The computer must be equipped with 2 GB memory card and 3 GB disk space, and high end graphic card is a must. Installation is very simple, but the usage if only indoor. The Dancin Dogg OptiShot is provided with 16 infrared optical sensors which can sense accurately the swing shots and analyze the shot and give reviews immediately. You will get to know the problems in your shot and can correct it yourself.

Dancin Dogg OptiShot Review

There are people who have used it for quite some time and the opinions are positive. Many have bought this Dancin Dogg OptiShot for the advantage of being able to use it in the comforts of his home. It saves the time of going to the golf course and also saves on the money required to use the golf fields. Some have bought it to start learning the game, while some to hone their skills. It also gives the option to play whenever you want or when you have some free time, be it night or day. That is the best option anybody can have. There are a few drawbacks as well in this product. The Dancin Dogg OptiShot golf simulator can be used only indoors and lighting has to be arranged so that the sensor gets good lighting. The room should be spacious with a ceiling height of at least 9 feet. To adjust the height, you may need a platform and Golf shoes. The computer should be updated and should have good speed for better results. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

These complaints can be alleviated by being a little creative. It is better to use foam balls rather than blank shots so that the swings will be good as one sees the aim. For the problem of ball bouncing back, a net can be installed which will not cost much. To adjust the height problem, instead of going in for the expensive mat, an old carpet can be used which works as wonderfully. It provides the option for you to experiment with your shots and find out the best. You can learn the basics yourself and keep practicing golf. The best thing is there is no time constraint or limitations. You can use it when you want and as long as you want. The optishot golf simulator can also provide some entertainment for a small gathering.

To conclude, Dancin Dogg OptiShot infrared golf simulator is worth the price at which it is offered at and is a great entertainer apart from contributing towards physical and mental fitness. Good investment for those who are interested in golf. It gives the feeling of being in the golf course which is a great feel. Click here to check it out.

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